Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Bio

I am a pretty calm person. i go to school, do my work in class, go home, play video games till about 3 in the morning. Take a power nap, wake up and probably take an energy drink or something to wake up and repeat them almost every week day. On weekends, i don't sleep at all. I usually play video games 23-26 hours on a weekend then i crash and wake up the next day. I somewhat stopped doing that simply because i got bored of doing nothing in the video games.
 I almost never go out with friends, i like to stay home and do nothing, some people call that having no life, but my heart is still beating so i am alive. When I do leave my house its usually because i am hungry or need to buy something for my computer. I like walking instead of taking the bus no matter how far away the place is.
 I have a white dove as a pet, we found it in some bushes unable to fly so we kept her and fed her, then released her after about a  week or so, amazingly enough she didn't fly away she stayed. We ended up just keeping her. I live a pretty boring life.
 I have a bad burn scar on my left hand, i got it when i was 3 and had it ever since. I'm going to get it fixed soon because recently its been bothering me because i cant fully extend my hand.
 I had a bunch of hamsters once, they all died due to a spider bite, i saw the spider flee the scene of the massacred hamsters, a family of 4 died that day. I dug a small grave for all them, i attempted to put a small tombstone, but it was raining and i knew the water was just going to carry it away. R.I.P Chips, Marshmallow, Barry, and Kitten.
I read books on occasion, but not often enough i guess. I watch movies pretty often, mostly horror movies since i like being scared to the point where i almost crap myself.
 I play lots of mmorpgs, such as world of warcraft, and league of legends, Rift. those are the main ones i am focusing on right now. Any more and i wouldn't leave my house to go to school. i also play some first person shooters, but i got bored of them fairly quickly. Strategy based games have to be my favorite though, finding out a way to swarm your enemy with a massive army of flying burrito looking things is pretty fun, they are called mutalisks. To me they look like flying burritos.
Well that's about all i have to type for now because that's all that can come to my mind at this time.